Project Declutter: The Memory Box

I’m on a mission to get rid of stuff. Clothes, electronics, dvds, memories (the bad ones).  I used to think that accumulating things was a sign of adulthood. In some ways it can be, if you’re collecting the right things. I’d like to move into a smaller space, which I can’t do, if I have wall-to-wall junk everywhere.  I tackled the dvds first: I bought several multi-dvd cases and was able to toss out two dozen single cases. I also got rid of several VHS tapes that I love, but I never watch, and exercise tapes that I dislike and never use. Then, I moved on to something harder: sentimentality.

photo 1

I have a memory box (tub?) with contains cards, journals, deflated balloons, crushed roses, love notes, graduation tassels, etc.  I feel my box proves my existence, in some odd way. I was here.  However, it’s gotten a bit unwieldy the last few years and it’s time to prune. The box is not well-organized and some items have found new homes outside of the box (a big no-no).

I Googled a good way to get started (because Googling solves 90% of life’s problems) and found a blog post that excited me. The author at Seeding Simplicity had a simple yet brilliant method for organizing items and I’m a sucker for Ziploc bags.

seeding simplicity

Image from Seeding Simplicity.

I needed to figure out how to handle the journals. They’re taking up a lot of space in the box, but I can’t get rid of them. I’m sure if I were married, I would’ve kept only a few. That seems easier to do when you know you’ll be creating new memories and experiences with someone else, however mundane they may be. So for now, the single journals get a pass.


This project is going to take awhile, but I’m determined to condense.  Even the stuff I’ve packaged tonight will have to be down-sized again, but this was a good start.