Single and Happy

Please don’t misconstrue this as an overly perky “He’s out there and I know God has him waiting for me!!!” post. Being single is horrible. This post isn’t for people who don’t want to be in a relationship; it’s for those of us who would settle for questionable behavior just to have a relationship because it’s been close to a decade since you’ve been in one. We need something to do in the meantime otherwise we’ll kill ourselves for having no options. 

If you are single and Type A, I think you’ll enjoy this article titled “Single and Happy” because it’s practical. The author provides a plan for enhancing  six dimensions of a woman’s life that help her feel more fulfilled. Practical = 👍

If you’re looking for a more in-depth resource about creating a well-rounded single life, I recommend “With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives.”  This book is the primer on how to make sure you’re meeting your needs (career, friendships, your home etc.) regardless of a man being present in your life. It’s unlike any singles book you’ve read before. I followed the methods for awhile in my 20s, but never fully embraced it for fear I would never find someone. (I still didn’t so I should’ve stuck with it. Now, it’s back to the beginning.)

I’m doing Single and Happy monthly. Please share if you are too. #SAH


day96: letter to my daughter.

My book finally came in, at the library.


Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER reveals Maya Angelou’s path to living well and living a life with meaning. Told in her own inimitable style, this book transcends genres and categories: it’s part guidebook, part memoir, part poetry – and pure delight.Like the rest of her remarkable work, LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER entertains and teaches. It is a book to cherish, savour, reread and share.

Day90: A Good Book.


Finished On My Own: The Art of Being a Woman Alone. Thoroughly enjoyed chapters 1-6 (9 chapters total). The selected bibliography and recommended reading list is worth a look, too.;

day 87: Befriending Aloneness.

Though our journey as women alone begins in fear, it ends, hopefully, in renewal. Befriending aloneness, we learn the creative potential of solitude, wherein we can recover, reclaim, and learn to express self.But we must be willing to allow the process of discovery to occur naturally. This means we must sit with, not run from, the discomforting feelings of shame, guilt, self-blame, and more that sometimes afflict us.

On My Own (p158)
-Florence Falk