Have you hugged your dealer today?

How does one find drugs?

I missed this lesson in school. I’ve never even smoked pot because I have no idea where to get it. I feel like like would be so much better if I could come home, take a hit of something and feel good for a bit. However you can’t really put out a Craigslist ad for drugs. Plus I look like a narc. 

Then I of course have the fear that if I did find someone they’d be a narc and I’d be arrested – and I still wouldn’t have gotten high!

I’ll have to keep my eyes open and some money in my pocket. I have no idea what stuff even costs. Shame. 


One thought on “Have you hugged your dealer today?

  1. Please keep up the fight and don’t let your illness, and mind win. You can make it. You will make it. It’s hard but you’re not alone. You shouldn’t have to feel alone. don’t take the easy way out. If you fail at least you tried. Keep posting and letting it out. I’ll keep reading and responding. I promise.

    Now you have a fan.


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