I feel ugly

I’m so tired of reading stuff, like this. Chances are she won’t post my reply so I’ll post it here instead.

Me: So, you’re fully capable of attracting men, but still think you’re ugly?

You got lucky: god allowed you to blossom. Some of us are legitimately ugly and regardless of how much we lower our standards, we still can’t get anyone. Meanwhile, you’re hosting a pity party because ALL men don’t want you?!

You’re not one of us. You know you’re not ugly; you just want sympathy. Quit faking and go on another date.

It’s the pretty girl syndrome. Women who can’t get EVERY guy completely disregard the ones they can get. Wake up and appreciate what you’ve got.

Tackling BPD

I’m going to write something that is extremely difficult for me. Most of my blog is about obstacles that I’ve overcome, today I’m going to write about something that I still find really difficult. I actually consider this my last ‘major issue’ – I have plenty of issues but I’m talking about the stuff that impacts on my daily life negatively and gets in the way of me being happy. It isn’t really part of BPD but I do think it is something that most people can relate to. What I’m going to do is attempt to work through this like I would normally do in my journal but do it for all to see. Firstly, because speaking my shame is the quickest way to get rid of it (no matter how hard it is) and secondly, because I hope it might be useful for readers to really see exactly…

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