day81: I Like It.

lipstickPersistent. Dogged-determination. OCD. Whatever term you want you use that describes my ability to be drawn towards people and things that make me feel good. The opposite would be something like hemrroidant or herpetic. They’re not real words, but my sentiment towards those things is clear.

The point: I found this Cover Girl lipstick years ago and love the shade. It’s from the Queen Collection, by Queen Latifah, which was quasi-popular 4-5 years ago. The above shade is Q920 Port Ju Wine. I’ve ordered it half a done times from Walmart online, Amazon, eBay (always new) – wherever I could find it. Because why do I care what if this season’s look is the bright red lip if it only serves to make me look like a clown?

Black women and makeup have a rough past; much of what’s out there isn’t designed for us, color-wise, The traditional hunt and peck method of makeup selection is futile;you end with a drawer full of things you try on once and never wear again. (Either that or you become THAT girl, who returns every item she doesn’t like, which if you’re white makes you hard to please, but if you’re black makes you low class and your actions have just spoken for an entire race of people. Yeah, figure that one out.)

Over the last few years, I’ve managed to eliminate most of the hunt and peck due to an amazing resource/friend, who deserves her own post, and my decision to stick with what I liked, by any means necessary.

So here’s to you, Q920. Thanks for making me feel good. I really should start to buy you in bulk.


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