day80: Who Cares?

I think I need Occupational Hypnotherapyoffice_space because this movie makes it seem so appealing.

I’ve come really close to being in that place with my job twice: the first time, just before I left for school a few years ago. I’d tell them what on my mind. The higher ups loved it. I’d be in meeting and say, “This isn’t want you want!” I wasn’t trying to me disrespectful; it was more out of frustration from the inefficiencies. The second time was today: I finally said “no.”

I usually don’t, not because I want to people please,  but because I think I can time manage strangle my way into getting it done. However, after working until 9p, the last two nights, AND waking up last night at 4am TALKING OUT LOUD about some work nonsense, “no” is my new catch-phrase.

No, I don’t have the time right now, but I can do it for you in a few hours.”

“Department X, you missed a deadline. No, I cannot revise it for you before your meeting. It is staying as is.”

“ACM, that message is the same for you. And, no, your job title will not bully/sway me.” 

I’d suck on House of Cards. And that’s fine by me. 🙂


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